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Monday, November 23, 2020

New EP from Saoirse Mhór is a journey through heartache

Kilcullen-raised singer songwriter Saoirse Mhór, who lives and works in Germany, has just released a new EP which pandemic restrictions gave him the time to complete, writes Brian Byrne.

Better known to us as Paul Durney, his normal summer of touring the street music events and pubs in Germany with his band Fleadh was disrupted, and the result is Minor Tales, Major Stories, a 7-song studio production.

Paul's song style is story-telling, and this latest presentation is a somewhat haunting set which had their genesis during what the singer calls a 'personally difficult time'. The first offering on the EP, 'Ashbury Lane', sets the tone. The second, 'Table of Losers', continues it. Poets and songwriters traditionally wear their lives, loves and heartaches on their metaphorical sleeves, in this case the sleeve notes of the EP.

All the songs except 'Lord Franklin' are Paul's own, but that one also suits the journey on which the others are taking him. In the end, the 'difficult time' passes, as they do, and with 'It's Over', the eventual, inevitable almost-liberty from heartache reflects rebirth by each night's performance. The boy is still singing/It remains his delight/Because he's learned it's a way/That he can pass on some light.

Paul sang as a youngster in the Kilcullen Community Capers back in the 70s. In 1980, after a spell working in Berneys Saddlers he left Ireland and busked his way across England and Germany, where he settled in 1987. On a trip to Ireland in 2004, after hearing Luka Bloom playing in The Riverbank in Newbridge, he picked his pseudonym Saoirse Mhór and began his life of entertaining on the streets and on the Irish pub scene in Germany. He last performed in Kilcullen in 2014, with a night on the stage of the Town Hall.

He is now working with a new band, Siolta, 'and when the ghost of corona fades, we'll be back on the road again'.

Meantime, you can sample and buy the new EP from Bandcamp. Recommended.

Brian Byrne.

RELEASED! October 2020


At last and without further ado, I am able to present to you my new EP Minor Tales Major Stories which was unfortunately held up for a few frestrating reasons. Some were decisions I made, others were situations out of my control. But lets leave that behind. The album will be solely available at Bandcamp where you can have a listen and then purchase. 

My vision with making Minor Tales Major Stories was to increase the quality after making Ghosts of Tomorrow and so I was decided to add bass and drums in the form of Steffen Krauss and Daniel Fleischmann, who joined Michael Busch, Andrew Cadie, Katie Doherty and Andy Horn with all their respective wonderful talents. I do think that it is a fulfilled project and all involved gave this album a beautiful feel.

Its a finely designed digifile with an eight page booklet including lyrics and track credits. It contains six of my own songs and a cover version of the great ballad Lord Franklin . 

The EP originally ran under the working title High Treason and reflected a disappointing phase which I encountered and wanted to underline. Like most things time does the healing and I reverted to a title more suited to taking in all the songs. The cover still resonates this walk through the dark valley and what painting or picture can relate this dreadful circumstance better than this Caravaggio masterpiece.

I hope you enjoy it and that you spread the word.


Síolta. October 2020.

Good Friday 10. April 2020

For the day that's in it.

I wrote this song some four or five years back on another Good Friday. As always everything was toned down on the day, so I had some time on my hands. Out of the occasion, the song unfolded in one go, Although I really have a soft spot for it, it never made it as a band song and has only made it occasionally to the stage. It's one of those songs that need a certain handling. Eventually it did make it to Ghosts of Tomorrow though and it features Michael Busch on guitar and Andy Horn with bass and percussion, Katie Doherty's vocals catch the atmosphere head on.

The video was created solely on my mobile phone with two android apps, mostly because year for year as Easter came around, I felt I should share it. So easy on the criticism please. Anyway here it is. Get yer headphones on and Happy Easter!

Tree of Oak. Video: Mark Bloomer/Saoirse Mhór