Multi award winning singer songwriter. Irish to boot. Is it in the Irish blood that makes the songs seep from it's inhabitants by nature? Given in the milk as some say? Saoirse is placed among the contempory Irish songwriters of today reflecting life as it is now and not solely as it was, lost in forgotten fading traditions. His songs praised by none less than Christy Moore or Colm Sands. And yet, what is a compliment or a review? It's the performance that tells and to be experienced.

Working up front with the successful German/Irish Folk band Fleadh or in the intimate surroundings with acoustic fingerstyle guitarist Michael Busch and fiddler Stefan Emde. The result will always be the same. The delivery. The song.

Saoirse has played Ireland, Holland, Poland, Switzerland and Germany in his travels and there is more to come. Catch him if you can!

Check out his current album Ghosts of Tomorrow. Best Song, Best Album and Best Singer at the 2017 German Rock and Pop Awards. A nomination at the German Record Critics Award 4/2017. Umpteen positive reviews including Irish Music Magazine and Celtic Rock Germany. 

Tree of Oak. Video: Mark Bloomer/Saoirse Mhór

Irish Music Magazine (IRL): A delightful CD. A high class album.

Living Tradition (UK): Excellent songwriting.

Forces Paralléles (F) : Rich of songs with inspired and tasty melodies.

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