Irish Singer Songwriter

Hohenwettersbach 07.02.20

In the midst of setting up the new and exciting Síolta, there were worries that the Saoirse Mhór Trio might suffer through lack of attention. Nevertheless we travelled to this little village south of Karlsruhe for our next gig. The setting was wonderful,sold out and an eager audience was awaiting. We went through our show taking them briskly along with us. Stefan and Michael both in great form and I heard flashes of new licks and riffs in all parts of the show. Axel Ridthaler our host was beaming after the tremendous end of our programme. Lovely after gig banter to boot. No worries, we'll nurture this baby along.

Germany 01.10.19

I had known Michael Busch for some time before I approached him about joining me in a duo setup. The initial first meeting really surprised me as he immediately lifted my songs to exactly where I envisaged them. And beyond. Michael has a very professional approach to his own playing so we really covered the programme in just a few meetings. The effect and the result to people close to me cemented the fact that we were on to something.

Meeting Stefan Emde was almost comical. I had stumbled over his advertisement on the web but I misunderstood it completely, thinking he was looking for a musical project when he was really searching for new pupils for his music school. Having sent him my material per Dropbox he laconically replied that although he was'nt after a new project at all, there was'nt a single lousy song on the album ( Ghosts of Tomorrow ). Stefan also has this professional approach for which I am totally indebted and the first trio meeting confirmed my hopes. We were able to reproduce the songs on Ghosts as recorded. I think we were all pretty thrilled on that day. Of course we are much too cool to hop around rejoicing like madmen about it, so we just smiled at each other knowingly. We knew.

That's the way it is. I hope you get to experience it some day.